This is Henk Barreveld’s website. I use it only for some software development, an occasional photo album for family and friends, etc.

If you arrived here because I told you that there is something of interest for you on this website, I should also have told you where you can find that information. If you do not remember the details or experienced some other problem, please let me know; for example using the contact form below.

Why ‘Urbino’?

Urbino is a small hill town in Italy, region Le Marche, of which the historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site. However, even though the website name and the images on this page may suggest differently, this website is not about the city Urbino.

Back in 2014 I switched to a different Internet service provider. Because my e-mail address was in the service provider’s domain, I also had to change my email address. So I had to inform many dozens of people about this email change and to update about a hundred email addresses for registrations, subscriptions, etc. To avoid ever having to do this again, I decided to use a personal Internet domain. It should preferably have a name that I can easily communicate with other people, some of whom speak different languages, without having to spell it to avoid writing mistakes. The name “urbino” has this quality – and it offers a nice reminder of visits to a beautiful and pleasant Renaissance city.



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    The photographs on this page were partly taken by myself and partly consist of ‘public domain’ pictures, found on the Flickr website.